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Characteristics of forged steel ball valve products

Date:2014/7/28From:Zhongcheng Valve Group Co., Ltd

Product features:Forged steel ball valve department our company on the basis of digesting and absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad to produce a good product, it has updated design features, to meet the needs of the general industrial standard of safety and convenience.

1, in all kinds of valve, ball valve flow resistance of the smallest, full bore ball valve is opened, the sphere channels, the body and connected to equal diameter and diameter, flow medium can be almost no losses

2, ball valve can be rotated 90 ¡ã seated fully open, opening and closing fast.Compared with the same specifications of the gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, small volume, light weight, easy to pipeline installation

3, manual floating ball valve switch indication: sphere, the valve stem and handle are the moving parts of the valve, is an assembly unit.Valve stem head structure of folk prescription, can from the handle position is easy to spot a valve in the open position and closed position.When a handle or stem flat side parallel to the pipe axis, the valve is in open position;When the lever or stem with flat side

4, valve locking devices: in order to prevent wrong operation valve, the valve fully open and close position lock locking valves are available, and especially the valve installed in the wild, or when the process is not allowed to open or close the valve, in order to prevent other personnel error operating valve, the valve position is very important.

Therefore according to the needs of users in the valve design home outfit with a lock hole positioning can meet the technological requirements of users.

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