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The characteristics of fixed ball valve products

Date:2014/7/28From:Zhongcheng Valve Group Co., Ltd

The characteristics of fixed ball valve products

1, easy operation: sphere by the upper and lower bearing support, reducing friction, eliminating the due to the inlet pressure to push sphere to the great seal and seal seat load caused by too much torque.

2, reliable sealing performance: PTFE sheet material sealing ring is embedded in the stainless steel seat, metal seat end equipped with spring guarantee seal enough pre-tightening force, valve sealing surface wear during operation, in the spring under the action of the valve to ensure good sealing performance.

3, the structure of the fire prevention: to prevent because of heat or fire, make ptfe sealing ring burned, larger leakage occurs, and feeds the fire, set up fire prevention sealing ring between the sphere and valve seat, burned down in sealing ring, in under the action of spring force, the seat ring is rapidly to the sphere, form the metal to metal seal, have a certain degree of sealing effect.Fire test APl6FA and APl607 standard requirements.

4, automatic pressure release function: when the valve lumen abnormal stagnant medium pressure exceeds pre] force of spring, the seat back out of the sphere to achieve the effect of pressure relief automatically, automatic reply after pressure relief valve seat

5, and discharge pipe: body are set up and down the drain away, L can check whether the valve seat leakage, at work, when the valve is in full open or close, removing the midplane pressure, can directly replace the packing;Can discharge midplane retentate, reduce the pollution of the medium of the valve.

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